One member of an infinite series of tilings generated by a more general construction than a tile-substitution, [Sad98]. In particular, Sadun’s construction yields tilings with infinitely many prototiles, as well as with finitely many prototiles. Each tiling in this series is described by two positive integer parameters. This one, with parameter 12, is one of the ‘simplest’, in the sense that there are only two prototiles. THE simplest in the series is the one with parameter 1, which is the well known pinwheel tiling.

Substitution Rule

Rule Pinwheel-1/2


Patch Pinwheel-1/2 download vectorformat Pinwheel-1/2


Sadun, L.
Some generalizations of the pinwheel tiling
Discrete Comput. Geom. 1998, 20,1, pp. 79–110, 1626703